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How We Came About

Like many rural communities the Burrum District is poorly serviced by things taken for granted in more populated areas, accurate weather information is one of those things. Burrum District Weather has been in the "wind" for a long time, but without the availability of reliable internet in the area it was simply not possible. The arrival of the NBN network finally allowed the project to move forward.

All equipment (weather stations, computer hardware, comms, website, hosting & software) have been provided as a FREE community service.

Live Weather
The weather station instuments are polled for the latest data every 3 seconds. This information is then uploaded to the website with an effective live view from these updates every 10 seconds.

FREE Weather Alerts - For a Safer Community
The weather station is equipped with software that detects weather thresholds (upper and lower limits) such as rainfall total in 1 hour, rate of rainfall, wind speed, excessive barometer fluctuations or heat index. When these have been exceeded, an Alert is generated which can be sent via email or SMS to serve as a warning to anyone that has subscribed. If you'd like to recieve these alerts Subscribe Here

FREE Daily Weather Reports
Everyday at 6:00pm Subscribers receive our Local Weather Report covering the daily Hi's and Low's along with other historical information. 

Local Weather for Your Mobile
Add this local weather widget to your mobile phone/tablet (sorry, Andriod only) with live updates every 10 mins. Click here to install.
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Local 7 Day Forecast - Coming Soon
For now, the community relies on weather forecasts from towns like Hervey Bay, Maryborough & Bundaberg, all located 40K's or more from this weather station. Weather conditions can vary greatly in locations as little as 5K's away from the forecast center, therefore the next part of this project is to purchase weather modeling software that will accurately predict local weather with 7 day forecasts. This will come online as soon as funding becomes available.

Forecasts from 3rd Parties
This website provides forecasts and information from different sources including Weather.com and the Bureau of Meterology. The reality of forecasting is it's a "best guess" methodology based on historical and current information, therefore you will find variations in predictions and current conditions.

Coverage Area

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DISCLAIMER: Burrum District Weather is provided in good faith and without warranty expressed or implied. Like any online service it is susceptible to problems arising that are outside of its control and while all efforts are taken to ensure the quality and reliability of this service, it offers no guarantees of the service or data provided. Please ensure you use emergency services provided by local, state and/or federal government for any decision you may make in regards to your personal safety and protection of your property.