You can have the local conditions on your phone with updates every 10mins no matter where you are.
Sorry this Widget is only available for Android devices (Mobiles & Tablets).

weather app mobile


How to Install

1. Visit this page with your mobile phone and install Luc DesGroseilliers 'Weather Personal Widget' by
clicking the Google Play image below:

android app on google play 01 logo grey


2. Once it's been installed add the Widget to your screen. If you're unsure on how to do this follow these
instructions: How to Add a Widget to Your Android Phone 

3. Now that you have the Widget on your screen tap on the Temprature numbers - eg. 34.9C in the image below,
but you'll see zeros at this stage to open to options menu.

mobile weather screen1


4. First confgure your Unit Preferences to C or F - just click and save for each seting.

mobile weather temp

5. Scroll down to the option ' Url ' and enter the following link to conect to the weather station data:

mobile weather applink


6. Select the File Type and choose ' clientraw.txt '.

mobile weather filetype


7. Finally select Period and enter 10 (for 10 mins). Exit the screen and you should see the current weather conditions - if not re-check these settings.
There are other settings avaialble that will change colours and other options, give them a try to suit your phone better.

mobile weather time