The Burrum District Weather Station is online 24/7 and can detect extreme variations as they happen. If one of these thresholds are reached it will send you an Alert via Text Message (SMS) to your mobile phone.

This is a FREE community service paid for by our sponsors. To receive these alerts, simply add your information to the Subscription form on the right.

We track & alert:

  • Wind Speed: Max Mean Wind Speed = 16 Knots (30KPH)
  • Rain: Exceeds 25mm in 1hr & 100mm over 6hr period.
  • Temperature: Min. 5C & Max. 38C (100F)
  • Barometer: Air Pressure Change in 1 hour = +/- 5mb (Hpa), Max. Barometer = 1025mb (Strong High Pressure System Building), Min. Barometer = 1006mb (Low Pressure System Building)
  • Special Alerts (if provided by BOM / SES / Police etc.)

Weather Alert - Text Message Example:

mobile phone weather alert


Everyday at 6:00pm you'll be emailed with our Local Weather Report covering the daily Hi's and Low's
along with other historical information.


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